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None Hijiri Chiaki Chưa cập nhật Action, Drama, Josei, Mystery, Romance Ongoing 0 452
Ririko, a role model Charisma Gal from Shibuya, finds herself playing amateur detective after an unexpected turn of events. She is keen to solve cases to impress elite police detective Nii, a man she adores and regards as her fiance. But her enthusiasm leads her into a whole lot of trouble…
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Manga Chapters
Chapter Name Download Date Added
Kechonpa 1005-01-2014
Kechonpa 907-05-2013
Kechonpa 825-04-2013
Kechonpa 718-11-2012
Kechonpa 604-05-2012
Kechonpa 504-05-2012
Kechonpa 426-03-2012
Kechonpa 322-11-2011
Kechonpa 222-11-2011
Kechonpa 122-11-2011
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